About Us

Cumbria Beekeepers Association is a member of the British Beekeeping Association and is the umbrella organisation for the 5 local branches in Cumbria. 

It was formed originally after a meeting of nine beekeepers in Cockermouth in April 1901. Apart from a Mr D S Scott, none of the other founder members are known, except that Lord Muncaster was appointed President, Canon Rawnsley as Chairman and a John Vickers of Boot as Secretary. John Vickers was replaced as secretary (reason unknown) in 1902 by G W Saunders of Douthwaite who remained in office until moving to south of England in 1907.

In 1903 the membership was 183.

The objectives of the association is to:

  • The promotion and improvement of beekeeping in Cumbria and the surrounding area.
  • The control and where possible the eradication of diseases and disorders of honeybeeswithin Cumbria.
  • The raising of public awareness in Cumbria to the importance of bees and beekeeping to the environment.

Pre 1940 Cumbrian Beekeepers